BugE Kit parts are proprietary to Blue Sky Design LLC and may not be reproduced without a signed legal vendor contract or licensing agreement with Blue Sky Design LLC 49 North Second St. Creswell Oregon 97426.

Blue Sky Design LLC warranties the BugE Vehicle Kit components for initial workmanship only. Replacement or repair credit is at the sole discretion of Blue Sky Design LLC. Claimant must secure return authorization and pay shipping costs.

Vendor supplied kit parts are covered only by original fabricator or manufacturer warranties above and D.O.T. and NHTSA standards if applicable.

The BugE is defined as a “Semi Enclosed, Three Wheeled Electric Motorcycle in a Cyclecar configuration” for DMV and Insurance Classification.
The BugE does not have a “Permanent Roof Structure”.

Local ordinances and State or Federal laws may regulate or restrict the use, licensing and insurance requirements for this vehicle and/or driver.

This kit is an “Assembled Vehicle”.
The purchaser/owner/builder becomes the “Assembler/Dealer/Reseller”
Your State D.O.T. will issue you a V.I.N. number based on visual inspection and submission of Chassis, Fairing and Motor numbers and the Certificate of Origin supplied with this kit.

Blue Sky Design LLC, including Vendors and Contractors assume no liability for the proper assembly, operation or application of this vehicle kit or components and makes no claim for its safety, stability or suitability for conditions of use.

The driver is the sole responsible party for the safe use, application and operation of this vehicle.
The Canopy and Fairing are for aerodynamic benefit only.
They are not designed as crash protection structures.
The BugE is designed as a single passenger vehicle only.
The driver and cargo weight maximum is 215 pounds.

The BugE is not intended for use on Federal freeways or State highways or any thoroughfare where normal traffic exceeds the speed of this vehicle.

Purchase of this BugE Kit is deemed consent to these terms.

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Designed and built by Blue Sky Design LLC, Creswell, Oregon, USA