Efficiency Comparison


Energy Use versus BugE range

Brew a pot of coffee                       3 miles


1200 BTU Air Conditioner, one hour  4 miles


1250 Watt Wall Heater for one hour    7 miles


Dishwasher, one load of dishes 25 miles


Washing Machine, one load             34 miles


Refrigerator for a day                          42 miles


Electric Car 100 miles*                      534 miles


Gasoline Car 100 miles*                    862 miles



The typical stop and go BugE energy use within cities is about 170

watt-hours per mile (580 BTU per mile). The national average residential

price of electricity is about 6 cents per kilowatt-hour.

This means the cost of electricity to run a BugE is about 1 cent per mile.


Sources:   Eugene Water & Electric Board

                  *Mills McCarthy & Associates


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