1.8 Latch Adaption

You may prefer a more positive latch system for the Fairing than the rubber hold down hooks that come with the kit.

 A simple and low cost latch can be utilized, using a Gate Latch found at any hardware store.

 Parts required:

Two Gate Latches, two 5/16 x 3" carriage bolts, four nylock nuts and washers,

and eight large head 3/16 x 38" pop rivets. 6" of 5/16" i.d.and1/2" o.d. x 3" long piece of clear vinyl fuel line.

Tools required:

Electric drill, 3/16 bit, 5/16 bit, two 1/2" wrenches, pliers, pop rivet gun and marker pen.

 Note: you might want to crush the latches in a vice a bit to reduce the looseness in the latch. Make sure the latch swings freely though.


Start by opening the fairing and positioning a latch under the rear inside corner of one of the fenders, with the latch handle over hanging the rear edge.

Check that there is enough room inside the fender to attach a pop rivet to the inside rear corner of the fender.

Mark the hole locations in the latch base on the bottom of the fender, and then drill four 3/16" holes in the fender.

 Hold the latch in position (a helper is handy) and insert the pop rivets from inside the fender to hold the latch in place.

 Next, with the fairing closed, carefully insert the marking pen through the latch until it touches the frame. Mark this location for drilling.

 Carefully drill a 5/16" hole through the frame rail walls, being sure it goes through straight.

 Cut a 1 1/2" long piece of the vinyl fuel line and slide it onto the 5/16 x 3" carriage bolt. Thread on a nylock nut up to the fuel line on the bolt, and then a washer.

 Insert the bolt in the hole in the frame and attach it with another washer and nylock nut.

Repeat these steps on the other fender.