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Item Specification
BugE specs: 1/2011
Vehicle Type
Motorcycle: Three Wheel semi-enclosed
Configuration: Single Passenger Cyclecar
Body: Non-structural Fairing and Canopy
Body material FRP Composite
Canopy Blow formed Cast Acrylic Lucite
Chassis: Steel box
Chassis type Lateral Pivot Ladder
Suspension: UniShock front/rear
Shock type: Hydraulic/coil spring front / elastomer rear
Steering: Handlebar w/ linked tie rod
Overall Length: 93"
Overall Width: 46"
Overall Height: 52"
Empty weight: 225
With batteries: 400
Payload: 200
GVLW: 600
Weight dist: 60f/40r
Turning circle: 20 ft dia.
Aerodynamic drag : Est .35 (CD)
Watt/hours per mile: Est 50
Max range: Est 30 miles at 30 mph.
Max speed: Est 50 mph.
Gear ratio: 6/1
Power to weight: 1/40 (hp/lbs)

Specified components
Motor: Advanced DC series wound 140-01-4005
Horsepower: Cont/BHP: 3hp/17bhp
Controller: Alltrax CT1937
Charger(s) 48v
Instrumentation: Battery Charge Meter, Speedometer
Wheels: 17" Aluminum Mag type
Tires: 2.25 x 20
Brakes: Hydraulic Disc (front)/Mechanical Drum (rear)
Accelerator: Thumb operated potentiometer
Batteries: Four M34 AGM Blue Top lead acid
Battery Box 20" long x 14" wide x 9" tall
Head lights: Halogen 45w
Turn signals Halogen 25w
Brake light Inc. bulb
Tail light Inc. bulb
Horn MC type

Freight Specs. 320 lbs 44"w x 56"h x 93"l (boxed pallet) class 150


Designed and built by Blue Sky Design LLC, Creswell, Oregon, USA